Shard of Thrashkil

They say every shard is cursed, but maybe this one, this time, it isn’t…


Thrashkil was forged in the before time – when the world was but one Bridge united and unified under one banner, one great house. Just as the shattering began, the mighty axe Thrashkil was forged for the giant Protule. Queen Protule attempted to keep the house together, but it was not meant to be, and with the finally sundering of the one true Bridge, so too was the mighty axe torn apart, shards of its gleaming purple-blue axehead strewn across the world and Bridges as creation spewed forth and mortals entered the world.

Or that’s what I heard, that’s the legend, and how it goes. I’ve carried the damned thing everywhere since my father gave it to, and when I die, it goes to my daughter, and to her children after her. They say they’re cursed, but it’s always seemed to bring luck to me and mine…


Whoever shall possess a Shard of Thrashkil shall risk the wrath or favor of the dead giantess queen Protule. At the beginning of each day, the GM flips a coin in secret. Heads – the Shard provides a blessing. Tales – the Shard provides a curse. The GM should note this in secret and announce to the table that Protule has made her silent judgment. This judgment is only determined and applied once each day no matter how many shards a character possesses.

When the PC possessing a Shard makes their first attribute roll that day, apply Protule’s judgment. If it’s a blessing, the roll gains Advantage. If it’s a curse, the rolls gains Disadvantage.

There are 16 shards of Thrashkill, one in each of the four Bridges and 8 in the world of mortals. Once all 16 have been collected, it is possible to begin the quest to reconstruct Thrashkill, resurrect Protule, and bring about the reunification of the bridges. Only once the bridges have been reunified can The Wall be brought down, freeing all souls to transition to the Great Sea.

A Shard cannot be used to forge anything else, and is generally unaffected by any means to do so.


What’s a little piece of metal gonna do in your campaign – lead to the apocalypse? Perhaps! I’ve been painting the frost giant from Steamforged Games’ Epic Encounters line. Not only is this “miniatures” literally gigantic, gorgeous, and a ton of fun to paint, but it’s really inspiring my love of giants in general.

So that’s the beauty of a homebrewed world – only just recently am I introducing giants, and because I now have giants, it inspired me to write a bit of the creation myth. And what good’s a creation myth if it doesn’t help us understand the end of the world?

A Shard of Thrashkil is a very simple thing. It’s a flip of the coin to change one roll each day. However it opens up potentially 15 (15!) side quests and can be a constant background feature for your campaign.

Will we see the Axe itself written up in the future? Time will tell…

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