The Oscura Part 2 – Lots of Build Progress!

I have to apologize that this isn’t strictly RPG or OSR related, but this is definitely another aspect of tabletop gaming that I just love, and it’s been taking most of my creative time and energy this week, so here we go again into my Chaos Marines rhino/landspeeder abomination!

I tried taking lots of pictures as I went with the build as it’s gone so far. I’m pretty much as far as I can hope to get right now since I’m waiting on delivery of magnets, milliput, and a Chaos Rhino kit that I’ll be taking lots of bibblies and bobblies from for this project. Still, I’m so excited with how far I’ve gotten on this Chaos Impulsor project.

I’ve started to think of my Night Lords warband on a whole as “The Oscura” – it was initially meant to be the name of this battle barge alone, but now it’s the name of the group. I’m going to be embracing these guys as real pirates/renegade space marines who don’t worship Chaos but aren’t afraid to embrace it for power. These guys (and gals!) hate everyone equally.

Enough fluff, get ready for the image dump!

First as a reminder, this is what Games Workshop thinks a Primaris Impulsor should look like:

I’m never not going to love that little marine head poking out of the top of it. God Emperor speed gunner, God Emperor speed.
After building the initial hull, I had to carve off a pesky Imperial Aquila right on the front of the thing. Some sanding actually helped I think as I intend to do a complex dry brushing/stippling paint job, and all that sweet rough texture should make for some interesting effects…. hopefully.
I thought I had made such good progress! 😀 This is my first vehicle larger than a heavy warjack from Warmachine, which is really not much bigger than a Gravis armor marine.
An initial test for fit and look. As ridiculous as it looks, that flatbed was made for a huge rocket!
As much as I love the big rocket, that might be… a little much.
Starting to test out the tea candles that I’m going to hide beneath this thing in plumes of black smoggy poly-fil. It’s a bit too tall here, so I began experimenting with tearing the candles apart. The smaller engine nozzles should work very well around the outer edge. My goal is to give the illusion of there being more of those things directly beneath it burning hard to keep the heavy vehicle afloat.
First I figured out how to cut off the plastic “flame” sculpted on, but it was a bit too tall still.
Success! With just my sprue cutter and elbow grease I was able to get the plastic casing to pop off, keeping the LED, battery, and switch all perfectly intact. Now we’re cooking.
I thought a picture with a Primaris Marine for scale might help…
I decided to move forward with getting it mostly constructed and ready to go. I know the weapons aren’t going to match an actual Chaos rhino or land raider, but I don’t particularly care as I won’t ever being playing in a format or with people who care either. On a sidenote, just look at all those little nubs! Maybe I need to make a spider/centipede inspired Impulsor for my next project with little legs carrying the whole thing…
One of my more Chaos-y bashes to begin with. I flipped the “bumper” upside down and added some marine arms to it, finally wrapping some chain around the arms as if they were chained to the front of the thing. Night Lords love chained body parts. My thought is that Space Marine armor is so good, why wouldn’t they use some of it to keep the bumper in good shape? 😀 I added those two “X” bits from a sprue and plan to sculpt some flesh to “stretch” over it – Night Lords also love their flayed flesh!
More testing with the lights. I’m going to leave the top of it with the missile launcher as removable and then magnetize the tealight/rocket nozzle to the inside, so ultimately I’ll be able to pop that portion of the roof off, pull out the tea light, and turn it on and off. I don’t think it’ll be too hard to pull off!
I absolute adore how the light from the candles is reflected on that arm and the underbelly of this thing – even in bare gray plastic! I also will be magnetizing it so I can pop it off and turn those candles on and off.
One finally view of the engine nozzle test on the bed of the barge. I’m confident this thing will look great painted up. It’s ridiculous, but I love it. It’s what 40k is all about to me.

One final note, I’m planning on putting a cultist in that hole on top, sticking out like a maniac. I bought a box of Cultists of the Abyss and am hoping one of them will serve me well in this regard. The rest will just fill in as general Chaos cultists. I have a bunch of Age of Sigmar chaos dudes that I may have to make work as Chaos 40k cultists down the road…

I hope you enjoyed the pictures and my commentary! I would love to get advice/feedback on both kitbashing and writing about kitbashing! This has been a very fun, addictive project. Definitely makes me want to keep working these creativity muscles out with more projects.

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