Who is OSA?


This is where I answer the above question!

Hi! My name is Paul Vogt. I’m a dude (he/him) living in the Midwest who’s just trying to figure out how to get better at drawing and wants to share the embarrassing process with the world! This blog is both a way for me to grow and get practice and a platform with which I will spew great amounts of things forth from my brain.

I’m a tabletop roleplaying game enthusiast, and I’ve been running and playing games for over 15 years. I did a blog thing in the past, you haven’t heard of it, and it’s mostly defunct, but if you’re at all interested, my past work can be found here:  http://www.thehopelessgamer.blogspot.com.

My hope with this new blog is to practice my drawing/artistic skills and flex some creativity muscles by coming up with magical items and setting materials for tabletop RPGs. I’m aiming for material I can use in my own games and material that’s hopefully fun for you to read about and even use in your games!

I’m going to be trying to emulate some of the black and white style of art popular in the Old School Revival (or Renaissance) community. When you see “OSR” on this website, that’s generally what I’m referring to. The art is generally simple, full of cross stitching and stark contrasts of black and white.

Essentially, I find it perfect as a place to begin practicing drawing, and it compliments my love of creating absurd magical items to the delight and befuddling (mostly befuddling) of my players!

I plan to write up little rules and story bits for each drawing I create. To that end, I’m choosing to write from a perspective of my favorite OSR rule set, The Black Hack, 2nd Edition. Please check out the Open Gaming License page for the general rules: https://the-black-hack.jehaisleprintemps.net/

With that in mind, I hope my descriptions and rules will work for a variety of settings and homebrew games. I want this site to be useful for the GM who likes to run games from the hip (just like I love to do!).

However, I’ll also be writing from an assumed background setting of my own creation – The Ruins of the Halanar Empire. It’s a setting heavily inspired by both the Malazan Book of the Fallen book series by Steven Erickson and Ian Cameron Esselmont (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malazan_Book_of_the_Fallen) and Tolkien’s Dunedain Rangers of Middle Earth fame.

I will, from time to time, end up drawing some items from other creators as well that inspire me. I will always credit who originally created it and point you in some direction to learn more about it.

Unless otherwise stated, everything on this website is of my own creation – that of Paul Vogt. You are welcome to use anything from this blog format for your own games, but if you would like to share it or link it, please contact me before doing so at oldschoolarmoryblog@gmail.com. Any other inquiries may also be sent to that email address.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy!