The Oscura Part 1 – a new project for the tabletop.

As part of my personal goals to push myself creatively and artistically, I wanted to stretch my kitbashing and modeling skills as well with this blog. This project I’m going to be discussing today isn’t strictly RPG related, but I do think the overall aesthetic I’ll be going for is OSR, if not the fantasy brand then something appropriate for Mothership and especially Rogue Trader-era Warhammer.

I’ve had for a while now a notion to start working on an army for Horus Heresy a.k.a. Warhammer 30,000. This is the era that puts grimness into the grimdark of Warhammer. It’s a time of civil war within the empire of humanity. It’s in ways both more brutal and more noble than the times of Warhammer 40,000.

Anyway, I wasn’t going to let myself dive in until I got through a lot of my painting backlog. In true hobbyist fashion, instead of getting through it by painting them, I’ve sold a lot of minis off!

I ultimately decided on the Night Lords Chaos/Traitors legion for Horus Heresy/Warhammer. I like the aesthetics, and just look at this chapter-specific model range from Forge World. What could be more fun? Look at these DUDES.

So contemplative…

They’re vampires who don’t believe in either Chaos or the Imperium. Sounds good to me!

So now I have a general theme, an army chosen, and have freed myself up to launch an actually planned army!

I’ve had a Primaris Impulsor vehicle kit on hand for a while when I thought I’d really want to take on a big Primaris army. I know, I know, literal heresy when we’re talking 30k to put one of the shiniest new vehicle types of 40k in play, but I have a plan! (And I don’t care!)

My goal is to take that Impulsor and tear it down to look something more akin to the function of the mighty Chaos Land Raider. That thing is a monster. A beautiful monster.

My plan now is to add actual rocket engine nozzles to the bottom of the Impulsor, throw a bunch of chains on it, maybe some dead bodies, and of course spikes. I also bought a little box of five Chaos cultists that might be hanging off the sides of the thing like little Mad Max style crazy marauders.

I went to Michael’s Hobby Store yesterday and browsed around a bit for suitable shapes and found these cake piping attachments, and they were absolutely perfect! And cheap!

I found some cheap little LED tea candles that flicker at the store for cheap as well, and now I’ve got some momentum.

I need to pick up some polyfill and Hodge Podge spray so I can create a smoke cloud coming from the engines and filling up the space below the vehicle on its base.

r/Kitbash - Follow up post to my question about rocket engine nozzles with solution and pictures!

I hope to magnetize these nozzles as well so I can detach them and turn them on! Who knows if it’ll all work, but it’s going to be fun to try!

Hopefully this wasn’t too much of a distraction from the main theme of the blog, but I intend to give updates for the project with plenty of pictures!