The Silver Twins

The Silver Twins together, but not for long…


Magical short swords that are connected to each other. They have the cut of a gladius with a thin line of silver running along both edges of each blade. When two people each wield one of the twins, they have the capacity to share thoughts between them, even over great distances.


One possessor can attempt to send a simple message to the other possessor. Make a WISDOM test to see if it’s successfully transmitted. If you fail, you can make no more attempts until you complete a long rest. If you succeed, the message is sent.

For every additional message you wish to send, increase the difficulty of the roll by 1 cumulatively, resetting to 0 after a long rest.

When both swords are possessed by a single person, the voices of the twins are in constant conflict, a living embodiment of pushing together matching magnetic poles. A character possessing both swords may not take a long rest as the whispers hound them and do not allow them to relax enough to benefit from it.


These swords were found on a pair of onyx-black skeletons within the depths of the dungeon features in the Hole in the Oak adventure from Necrotic Gnome – However, the swords I made up, they were only described as “silver swords” carried by the skeletons.

The guard/basket at the handle of the sword is supposed to resemble a brain. However, being medieval times, who would know what a brain intact looks like? Who made these blades with that knowledge in hand? Definitely something interesting to explore!

Further, I wanted to give my players items that would lightly encourage a little bit of splitting up, which is always fun in a dungeon. They are incredibly dangerous if possessed by one character however, so only the fool-hardy would want to keep both!